Job Responsibilities 

  • Responsible for meticulous upkeep of grounds, amenities, building exteriors and leasing office, parking lots, and other community buildings. 
  • Remove trash from office areas and apartment community perimeter on a daily basis. 
  • Assist in the preparation of market-ready units, including remove trash from vacant apartments (trash outs) prior to make-ready. 
  • Assist MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR /PROPERTY MANAGER and/or perform assigned maintenance tasks in a timely manner. 
  • Assist in the cleaning of available apartments and or models. 
  • Assist maintenance team with snow removal (If applicable). 
  • Assist and help troubleshoot/repair mechanical, carpentry, and electrical problems. 
  • Report any maintenance concerns for repairs on available apartments, models, clubhouse, and/or common areas to the MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR. 



Make Ready/General Maintenance

(Must have your own tools)



Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for helping to maintain the entire property in an attractive, comfortable condition.  
  • Assists in trash pickup on the property.  
  • Assists in all types of maintenance, when necessary and as requested.  
  • Assists in completing the turnovers/make-readies of vacant units, as requested.  
  • On-call in accordance with scheduling to handle maintenance emergencies from residents and property emergencies  
  • Assists with resident functions, as requested.  
  • Reports to MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR and PROPERTY MANAGER on a regular basis, as directed.  
  • Maintains good relationships with other staff members, working with the Leasing Office and under the direction of the Maintenance Supervisor.  
  • Maintains good rapport with outside, contract vendors working on the property.  
  • Service appliances, as requested.  
  • Services general plumbing and basic electrical needs of the property to include replacing/fixing toilets, light switches, garbage disposals, ceiling fans, etc.  
  • Rekey locks, as requested.  
  • Assists in maintaining inventory of tools, equipment, and supplies.  
  • Performs corrective maintenance and satisfied residents’ needs following company procedures when performing service requests.  
  • Observes the condition of the apartment and report any unusual circumstances (Size/number of pets, unauthorized occupants, illegal activity, etc.)  
  • Observes the condition of the property in general and report any unusual circumstances.  
  • Makes regular inspection of the grounds, buildings, plumbing, electrical fixtures, appliances, and major equipment, as directed.  
  • Should be familiar with the location of power, water, and gas turnoff valves, clean-out traps, fire extinguishers, and fire hydrants on the property.  
  • Enters occupied apartments to perform necessary repairs.  
  • Cleans up thoroughly after performing work.  
  • Notifies Maintenance Supervisor and/or Property Manager, as directed, regarding any supplies necessary to complete service requests.  
  • Performs pool and spa maintenance, as directed.  
  • Follows company procedures regarding safety and emergencies.  
  • Attends employee meetings and training seminars, as requested.  
  • Wears company uniform and badge during work hours. 


Assistant Maintenance (Must have your own tools)



Job Responsibilities

The ASSISTANT MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN is primarily responsible for supporting the LEAD MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR with the overall maintenance of the property and grounds. The ASSISTANT MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN’s specific duties may vary from site to site depending on the property’s requirements and the size of the staff. It is also the ASSISTANT MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN’s duty to function as “acting maintenance supervisor” in the SUPERVISOR’s absence. Normally, duties may involve the following: 

 Service Requests/Maintenance 

  • Routine service requests to be completed within a 24-hour period. 
  • Emergency service request to be completed as soon as possible. 
  • Preventative maintenance projects to be scheduled and completed in a timely fashion. 
  • Knowledgeable in the following area: HVAC, electrical, plumbing, appliance repair, irrigation, carpentry, lighting, and exterior extermination 

Apartment Turns 

  • Complete painting/caulking 
  • Complete cleaning or schedule with the housekeeper 
  • Check appliance and light fixtures. 
  • Repair or replace any damages. 
  • Complete any other necessary maintenance needed to make it “market-ready”. 
  • Communicate to maintenance supervisor possible problems including carpet and vinyl replacement. 


Lead Maintenance (Must have your own tools)



The LEAD MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN is responsible for always maintaining the physical integrity of the community. This involves ensuring a clean and well-maintained living environment for residents, visitors, and staff. It is the LEAD MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN‘s duty to anticipate, identify and correct all problems involving the property and to implement procedures that will prevent such problems. An effective program of maintenance is essential in order to: 

  • Maintain a clean and well-maintained environment. 
  • Cultivate resident satisfaction. 
  • Protect the investment of the apartment property owner. 

Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Conduct all business in accordance with company policies and procedures, state and federal laws, e.g., OSHA, ADA, Fair Housing, etc. RESIDENT SERVICE  
  • Performs maintenance tasks personally and delegates to assistants. Oversees and occasionally inspects work performed by assistants.
  • Institutes and manages the system for handling resident service requests. Completes work orders within 24 hours when possible. 
  • Scheduled maintenance personnel in conjunction with the manager so that maintenance is available for emergency purposes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  

Preventative Maintenance & Security 

  • Conducts regularly scheduled safety meetings with entire staff

maintains and communicates HAZCOM standards. Keeps MSDS sheets current and readily accessible. Maintains thorough knowledge of pertinent laws and EPA and OSHA regulations governing proper storage and management of hazardous materials, including solvents, flammables, caustics, and refrigerants.  

  • Must be aware of the condition of the physical property throughout the community and immediately correct hazardous conditions,e.g., broken gates leading to the pool, broken steps, open holes, broken/burned out exterior lights. 
  • Possesses knowledge of budget and budget compliance. 
  • Changes locks and makes ready keys. 
  • Removes and transfers heavy appliances and equipment from storage area to apartment (or vice versa) as circumstances warrant. Assists in moving abandoned furniture, appliances, etc., to a dumpster when necessary. Use a dolly or back support belt.  
  • Maintains adequate inventory of spare parts and maintenance materials to handle most common repairs and situations. 
  • Identifies all utility meter cut-offs, apartment and fixture cut-offs, sewer cleanouts, and prepares maps indicating same. 
  • Performs work area clean-up and safety-related duties. 
  • Ensures that storage areas remain locked when not in use.
  • Assists in keeping grounds neat and free of litter. Rakes, sweeps, shovels as circumstances warrant.


Leasing Consultant 



The LEASING CONSULTANT is the community’s sales representative whose primary duties are to greet clients, to present professionally the features and benefits of their assigned community and properly secure lease agreements from qualified persons. A leasing consultant is very service oriented and strives to make current residents feel welcome and comfortable in their community.   

The LEASING CONSULTANT will contact a person of authority should any situation warrant an action of decision not included in his or her duties and responsibilities.

Duties & Responsibilities 

  • Conduct all business in accordance with the property’s policies and procedures, Fair Housing, Americans with Disabilities Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, and all other Federal and State laws. 


  • Maintains a professional, yet friendly, atmosphere in the leasing offices and other areas where prospective residents and current residents meet. 
  • Inspects models and “market ready” vacancies daily to insure cleanliness. 
  • Answers incoming phone calls and handles each call accordingly, whether it is a client call, irate resident, service request, etc. Transfer calls to assistant manager or property manager when appropriate. 
  • Greets prospective residents, qualifies, determines needs and preferences, professionally presents community and specific apartments while communicating features and benefits. 
  • Updates online advertising to reflect current market pricing on a weekly basis. 
  • Maintains awareness of local market conditions and trends. Contributes ideas to the property manager for marketing community and for improving resident satisfaction. 
  • Occasionally will be asked to perform external market outreach at nearby businesses, organizations, etc. 
  • Actively coordinates all renewals throughout the month. This includes sending letters (90, 60, 30 days) and scheduling resident appointments to discuss renewal rates and leasing options. 


  • Correctly completes all lease applications, assists with application verification and notifies prospective residents of results. Types miscellaneous resident communication as needed. 
  • Completes all lease paperwork including related addenda and accepts rents and deposits. 
  • Completes Guest Card information form on all clients, sends thank-you notes and performs follow-ups. 
  • Physically inspects community when on grounds, picks up litter and reports any service needs to maintenance staff. Inspects move-outs and vacancies. 
  • Inventories office supplies on periodic basis. Reports need to property manager. 
  • Organizes and files appropriate reports, leases and paperwork. 
  • Attends property meetings when requested. 
  • Assists PROPERTY MANAGER and ASSISTANT MANAGER in preparation of weekly reports, resident communications, move-out inventory, market surveys, etc. 





A professional HOUSEKEEPER can attend to the property’s facilities with integrity and attention to detail.  The goal is to create a clean and orderly environment for the residents and guests that will become a critical factor in maintaining and strengthening the communities’ reputation. 


  • Performs a variety of cleaning activities such as sweeping, mopping, dusting and polishing. 
  • Ensures all apartments are cared for and inspected according to standards. 
  • Protects equipment and makes sure there are no inadequacies. 
  • Notifies superiors on any damages, deficits and disturbances. 
  • Deals with reasonable complaints/requests with professionalism and patience. 
  • Checks stocking levels of all consumables and replaces when appropriate. 
  • Adheres strictly to rules regarding health and safety and be aware of any company-related practices.